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Content transcreation

Content transcreation

Content Transcreation

You’ve built the perfect website – easy to use, easy on the eye, a UX designer’s dream. You’ve populated it with top-notch marketing content – razor-sharp product descriptions, original thoughtful blog posts ready to hit those SEO sweet spots. Next step? Translation…

With so much at stake – your brand image as well as that oh-so-crucial search ranking – lacklustre literal content localisation isn’t an option. At franklyfluent we handpick translator-editor teams with the right category background and local audience insight for your content adaptation job. They understand what it takes to make marketing copy that people really want to read, and have the writing skills and creative problem-solving brains to reimagine your words for a new market and audience. All this is overseen by a dedicated account management team, providing an extra pair of eyes for the work and a clear point of contact for you. That’s our art of transcreation.

We’ve done it for brands as specialised as Xerox, as playful as graze, as slick as Framestore and Volkswagen.

Need a helping hand to make your branded content or website copy shine in other languages? We’d love to help.