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Giving prospective VW customers in China the ride of their lives

When Volkswagen launched a new SUV model in China, they wanted to bring the driving experience to life with a bang for prospective Chinese customers. Cue the development of a hyper-reality experience, combining virtual reality with real-world dynamics to create an extraordinary sensory experience – a real drive in the SUV through a virtual post-apocalyptic landscape… Giving them the ride of their lives.

Partnering with creative agency Framestore for this groundbreaking VR translation, our job was to transcreate the immersive dialogue from English into Chinese, which meant not just capturing the tone and meaning of the original but plunging ourselves into the imagined world of VR as well as the real-world tech that powers it – an exciting meeting of creative flair and technical precision in translation.

The result? An award-winning hyper-real experience whose every word pulls you deeper into the virtual world.

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