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Graze brand creative translation

Getting graze into Dutch letterboxes

Delicious food brand Graze had already changed the snacking game in the UK, and was ready to bring its clever subscription-based selection box service to the Netherlands. Their Dutch offering was to live entirely online, which meant copy had to be pitch perfect, and our services were enlisted to make sure it was.

We handled the translation of the entire launch and all brand materials — including website, packaging, social media and eCRM. Assembling our wittiest writers and keenest eyes, we made sure every element, from headlines to lists of allergens, was given the VIP treatment. We also supported graze’s influencer seeding campaign, reviewing content produced by Insta partners to ensure affinity with the graze tone and message for the Netherlands.

The result? A solid and successful launch into a new market… and a whole host of happy Dutch grazers.

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