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Social Media Localisation, Translation and Strategy

Social media is a gold mine for brands. Direct access to your audience in an informal setting, plus ample data to help you get the right marketing message across. But seizing those opportunities without the right expertise can be about as daunting as going down a mine with no canary.

That’s true if you’re working in your own market and writing in English, but another language? A different country? The risk of tripping up skyrockets.

Enter: Canary (that’s us). We’re franklyfluent, a team of culture experts and language geeks. Our specialism? Helping brands talk with confidence and conviction to audiences all over the world. Whatever your platform of choice – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weibo – we’ll tackle it. We can help with everything from mapping social strategy and planning content calendars, to local insight gathering and social listening, through to social content creation, transcreation and community management.

Whether you’re after social media localisation or need writing from scratch, our native copywriters and editors offer you the on-the-ground knowledge needed to talk to people in their own language. Which means… well, literally, in their own language, but also in the topical, timely, and human way needed to make social content come to life.

Want to make social media work for your brand no matter the market? Give us a shout.

See how we helped homeware giant Clas Ohlson navigate the German social media landscape.