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Medical transcreation

Medical transcreation

Medical Translation

Healthcare comms translation should come with a warning: handle with care.

No sector demands as much accuracy, and comes with as much risk, as medicine. When it’s people’s health you’re dealing with, you can’t afford to miss a single footnote or misinterpret a single syllable.

Which is pretty much the final word if you’re translating a list of possible side effects, but what about medical comms transcreation? When it comes to things like pharma advertising and adcepts, knowing your malleolar from your areolar is only half the battle. The other half? Creativity.

Tone and message need to be treated with the wit and flair that it takes to get doctors, patients, drug distributors and pharmacists to sit up and listen. Oh, and you’ll need to ensure copy is expertly tailored to each of those audiences while you’re at it.

Sounds like a doddle right? Maybe not, but at franklyfluent we’ve made healthcare transcreation a pretty slick operation. Our two-person translator-editor team model means that every word is checked and every line pushed to work harder. We handpick expert native writers with the right background and skillset for each brief so, whether you’re spearheading a pharmaceutical first or the latest in medical technology, the translation is handled by professional writers and editors with the right scientific expertise. The whole thing is overseen by a dedicated project management team, for a smooth process, an extra pair of critical eyes, and a clear point of contact for you.

It’s this unique pairing of technical rigour and creative flair that allows us to bring healthcare marketing and advertising to life all over the world. From full-scale ad campaigns to sales aids, website copy, press releases, and adcepts for market research, if your project needs a healthy dose of creativity along with pinpoint-perfect detail, we might just be your ideal medical transcreation partner.

See how we helped McCann Health bring their adcepts to life for focus groups the world over.