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ESPRIT tone of voice transcreation

Remaking the ESPRIT tone of voice for Chinese and German speakers

With its sights set on reinvigorating its brand, American fashion retailer ESPRIT has developed a new tone of voice; friendly, open-minded, and joyful, the new tonality is borne from the ESPRIT’s fundamental spirit of ‘radical positivity’.

Our challenge was to remake this voice and its guidelines for China and Germany, a vast undertaking that required strategic and creative manpower as well as careful coordination and fashion translation expertise. Challenges were both linguistic and cultural: the principles of the existing guidelines needed remodelling for languages with different structures; and Esprit’s spirit of joie de vivre had to be reframed in a way that felt natural to these markets.

The delivery of finished tone of voice guideline documents was followed up by live workshops, to ensure that the client team were fluent in their new tone of voice, and ready to use it in comms.

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