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cultural consultation

Giving Wonderbly a global perspective on their rebrand

If you have a young son, daughter, niece or nephew, chances are you’ve heard of Lost My Name, the phenomenally successful series of children’s books. In 2017, as the Lost My Name product range was rapidly expanding, the brand behind it all needed a name that captured their spirit while leaving them room to grow.

They landed on ‘Wonderbly’. Great in English, evoking a child-like sense of possibility and exploration, but would it resonate in Spain? Or Dubai? Or Korea? It was our job to find out. We carried out an extensive naming consultation to uncover the linguistic and cultural associations of the name in different languages, and help Wonderbly to navigate the minefield of challenges that come with trying to make an English name work in countries with totally different writing systems, like China or Japan.

If you’re looking for help on how local markets might react to your next move, we’d love to help.

This case study is about: cultural consultation, naming