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Penning French jokes for Frubes

Frubes (or Petits Filous Tub’s in France), the children’s yoghurt snacks, were all set to get some cheeky and cheerful new packaging. Not only would the new look, featuring a cast of kooky characters, inject some extra personality into the product, it was hoped it might raise a few smiles too, with each tube featuring a pun-tastic joke.

But as we all know, puns almost never translate. That’s our French copywriting services came in, penning dozens of new jokes in French, each tailor-made for the market. A couple of corkers:

Quelle est la ville préférée des extraterrestres ? Marseille
(What’s an alien’s favourite town?

Que dit un rappeur en entrant dans une fromagerie ? Faites du brie !!!
(What does the rapper say when he goes into the cheese shop?
Make some brie!!! [‘brie’ sounds a lot like ‘noise’ in French])

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