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train updated 0 – Turning Eurostar’s magazine into a must-read

Turning Eurostar’s magazine into a must-read

When a new editorial team took over Eurostar’s bilingual on-board magazine The Metropolitan, they had big changes in mind. They set out to transform the French-and-English magazine from a tired corporate affair into a vibrant high-quality publication marrying smart editorial and local insight. In other words, something passengers would actually want to read.

Editorial content transcreation

As translation partner, franklyfluent were responsible for turning French into English, and English into French (with a bit of Dutch thrown in for good measure). We worked to mirror the tone and match the high editorial quality of the original. But our job was more complicated than that. A lot of our Metropolitan’s readers are bilingual, which meant it wasn’t enough to repeat the same thing in a new language. Instead, we had to vary the two versions – effectively writing each article anew

Two issues on, Metropolitan magazine has been reinvented, packed with top-tier editorial across three different languages.

Eurostar's Metropolitan magazine cover. The illustration shows a Rotterdam cityscape accompanied by the headline 'Dam Straight'

A spread from Eurostar's Metropolitan magazine

A spread from Eurostar's Metropolitan magazine. The article is titled 'Run the world' and shows an illustration of a person holding a Pride flag with their foot on a beer barrel.

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